Metsa Kea & Netem Viri

founders of Sama Rao
Hi, we are Eduard e Simona (Metsa Kea e Netem  Viri). After spending several years in the Amazon forest we returned home to offer the world what we had learned

Our story

Our adventure is similar to that of the curanderos around the world, of all times and every tradition: we had to learn the art of healing to be able to heal ourselves, and once we were healed, we felt the call to help who is in the same condition as we were.

Our curiosity has always been animated by the deepest questions that human beings usually ask: who we are, where we come from, where we go, why we live. We met at a mature age, when we both had already walked different paths of spiritual research, including meditation, dzogchen, gnosticism, yoga and qi gong.

But at the same time we were also immersed in the scientific and materialistic culture of the West: it was not easy to open up to receive the teachings of the indigenous people of the Amazon, but the determination and the need to heal helped us a lot.

We lived in the forest in close contact with the family of our Masters for several years, and only when we received their blessing to begin to operate according to their traditional medicine, we decided to return to civilization to offer the world what we had learned.


abuelo eduard and simona

In 2015, during our honey moon with
our beloved master Abuelo Melquiadez Vela Lomas

What we believe

Matter is Spirit and Spirit is matter

The separation of spirit and matter is an invention of modernity, there is nothing more misleading. Matter and spirit influence each other and are only two different levels of manifestation of the same substance: energy.

Plants are a privileged way to the world of the spirit

The spiritual world of the planets is very close to us, so it is a portal of privileged access to the spiritual realms, which otherwise can be very difficult to understand and reach, to one as structured as the Western one.

Every human being has the right to be happy

Our society has almost got us used to be sick. The disease has become a normal thing, but the normal condition of the human being is health. Human being have the right to be well, both physically and psychologically.

Truth is one, and all spiritual paths tell the truth

The path to happiness coincides with the path to spiritual liberation: a spiritually realized man is healthy, free and happy. Each spiritual tradition tells its recipe for reaching this state.

abuelo eduard and simona
Metsa Kea drumming

Metsa Kea – Eduard

I was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in 1971, and from the age of eighteen I became interested in meditation and esoteric traditions.

I have practiced meditation for over twenty years and studied various esoteric traditions, but nothing has fascinated me more than the practices of the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon. In 2012 I began my journey in this tradition and since 2014 I have been travelling to Peru with my shaman teachers.

However, with the awakening in me of the ancient memory, a knowledge emerged that I did not know I had and that I never studied anywhere: the shamanism of the Tuva region of Mongolia. The encounter with the shamanic drum opened in me the healing song and connection with this wonderful practice, which today I am honored to offer to the world.

Metsa Kea drumming
Netem Viri drumming
Netem Viri with Sulmira Vela

Netem Viri – Simona

I was born in Rome in 1974 and I started to seriously walk my path of awakening in 2004. For years I fought against my inner demons (depression, insomnia, distrust of myself) and it was thanks to the encounter with traditional Amazonian medicine in 2014 that I could wave the flag of victory.

In the middle of the battle I made a promise: if I were healed I would dedicate the rest of my life to helping others win this battle, and I am grateful to the life that is giving me the opportunity to honor it today. During my journey I learned the art of yoga, harmonic singing, circular breathing and other energetic practices that today I share with those who are looking for a more integral well-being.

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