Wise Plants Dieta

Discipline, Commitment, Learning and Healing

Wise plants diet is an energetic and spiritual reconnection practice towards the realms of the plants kingdom. Re-establishing this bond brings numerous benefits, both for health and for the general body-mind-spirit balance.


The diet of wise plants is normally conducted in isolation, following a restricted diet in addition to other behavioral rules


Consistently following the rules of the Diet, for periods of time even quite prolonged, requires and develops a healthy discipline of the body and mind


Discipline is accompanied by commitment, with which we recognize the value both of what we are doing and of the plant, which is the object of our Diet

Learning and healing

From the combination of all these factors springs the care and teaching, that each Wise Plant is able to offer to those who approach it in this way
An integral psycho-physical healing experience

A tradition that comes from the Amazon, preserved for centuries by the curanderos masters

The diet of Wise plants in the Shipibo tradition is both a practice of care and an apprenticeship. This is essentially a period of time ranging from a minimum of one week to a maximum of six months in which the dietero observes certain dietary and behavioral restrictions, while taking on the Wise plant object of the diet.

In this way the spirit of the plant comes in contact with the energetic and physical body of the patient/apprentice, granting him the care and/or teaching he needs.

In the picture: a typical dieta recipe adapted to our needs: pasta zucchini and egg, without salt, without oil, but very good 🙂
pasta zucchini egg diet

The general rule to follow for feeding during the period of the diet is that the food should not have flavor, it should not be inviting, you must eat for their sustenanceand not for the taste.

The rules generally recommended by all curanderi concern the absence of salt, sugar, alcohol, sex and any other medicinal preparations, including herbal ones. 

However in detail the rules can vary a lot, because every curandero has his particular dieta, and the dietero must eat the same food that his teacher eats.

The importance of the master who connects the dietero with the energy of the plant should not be underestimated, sometimes it is more important the energy infused by the maestro rather than the ingestion of the plant itself.

Diet plants can be the most diverse, from large jungle palos to our native plants, already used in our herbal tradition. Each plant makes its own particular contributio   to our growth and our psycho-physical and spiritual healing.

Plants dieta retreat end of August

Next retreat
21-28 November 2024

Come and discover wise plants dieta

During the mini-diet retreats we will carry out different energy cleaning practices to prepare the body to receive the energy of the plant. Among the activities provided there are:
- healing songs and voicing
- shamannic drum
- gong baths
- meditation
- sShamanic massage with perfumes
- dance trance
- energy cleaning with mapacho (sacred tobacco)

For info call Shankara: 349 445 8990

How to feel
if the diet is what
I am searching for?

The Wise plants diet is suitable for everyone, the world of nature is our spiritual home, plants are our greatest allies, they have been there for centuries, just waiting for their “younger brothers” to remember about them, as it once was…

You feel that life in the city stifles you
You recognize that in the city environment there is a heavy energy, as soon as you dive into a forest or an open field you begin to breathe and feel at peace with yourself.
You have already experienced other types of energy work

Hai già lavorato con l’energia. Hai fatto corsi di reiki, pranic healing, yoga, hai costruito un tamburo sciamanico, ti interessi di cristallo-terapia o di altre discipline olistiche…

You belive plants have a conscience
You are deeply convinced that everything has a soul, that the light of the spirit shines within everything and that the human being has the ability to come into contact with other dimensions of Being.
You want to deepen your relationship with spirituality
You feel that life is not all here. You know there’s a lot more to your career than just family, friends at bars and TV games. You know there’s a deeper sense, but you still haven’t been able to find it, or if you’ve found it.
Are you looking for an alternative treatment method
You have some kind of health condition that you would like to try to cure with alternative methods, because you realize the interdependence of various systems – mind, body and spirit – and that treating only symptoms does not solve the problem at its root.

Thanks to the friend and faithful dietero Marco Terlizzi, visit his instagram, youtube and facebook channels (@quattrodirezioni), full of interesting ideas.

What is Wise plants diet?

In this video interview, a chat with Marco Terlizzi, an enthusiastic friend and dieter, I explain discursively the highlights of what a shamanic diet is.

– what is wise plants dieta
– what adjustments we have made to make it available in the West
– because it is better not to improvise
– the importance of restrictions, food and non-food
– the recovery of the concept of sacrifice
– the connection with the plant spiritual world

Some testimonies of dieteros

A brief review of some testimonies on the practice of the diet of Wise plants as we lead it to Sama Rao, in a newborn center dedicated to Vegetalism in Val di Taro (PR).

These are some of the dieteros who came to us through various ways and who agreed to give their testimony about the experience they had and how the place where they dieted helped them a lot.


our approach

Dieting immersed in isolation in the forest and dieting in our house in the city, in the midst of everyday bustle, is very different. For this reason the strict rules of the diet of Maestre plants, which are applied in the Shipibo tradition, have been reviewed by us and adapted to adhere to our reality.

Despite this, the personal experience and the feedback we have had from people who have experienced this form of dieting, have convinced us of the goodness and effectiveness of these adaptations.

The plants subject to the diet are both those of traditional medicine Shipibo, trees, shrubs and preparations of the Amazon flora, that those native to our ecosystem.

Learning the art of dieting, as well as being a valuable help for safeguard our health, helps us to get in touch with our surroundings, for a renewed and vivified concept of ecology, in which the vegetable kingdom is not something helpless, just to protect and safeguard, but a world pervaded by sentient beings who may become our best allies in an attempt to better experience our transit in this earthly dimension.

How it works

First meeting to open the diet

In order to identify the best plant resource to be fed in each individual case, and to be able to best transmit the connection with the energy of the plant to the dietero, it is necessary to see each other in person at least once before starting the diet.

Remote monitoring of the diet

In the course of the actual diet the dietero will be in self-management, it means that he will cook his own meals, he will adjust himself to follow the rules, but we will always be available to advise him, listen to him, direct him, and clean it energetically, if necessary.

Second meeting to close the diet

The second necessary live encounter is to close the diet. Technically to quit the diet is enough to gradually start eating as before, but it is advisable to receive a protective treatment (arkana) before returning to life as always.

Some examples of Wise Plants

Piñon blanco

Wonderful master of light and cleanliness, Piñon blanco (Jatropha curcas) is one of the favorite plants of many curanderi of the Peruvian Amazon. 

piñon blanco
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Evergreen shrub that grows even in arid and impoverished soils, the spirit of Piñon blanco is of an infinite brightness, teaches with kindness and softness, but the strength of cleaning that can do is not affected by the fact of using gentle ways. Gently flips you upside down. Very suitable for those who have to work on the mental, is able in a few days to free from obsessive and compulsive thoughts. Suitable for those with addiction problems and delusions. From a medicinal point of view resin is used as a disinfectant in folk medicine and nuts as a purgative.

Piñon colorado

In Peru, in the regions of the forest, each house is surrounded by bushes of Piñon colorado (Jatropha gossypifolia), considered a valuable ally to keep away evil spirits. Its role as a Wise plant is also linked to this property.

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There is no curandero in Peru that has not dieted the Piñon colorado. His ability to drive out the dark energies makes him an indispensable ally in an environment, that of Amazonian curanderism, full of internal fights between shamans who compete for power to the sound of magic formulas. From a medicinal point of view it is an excellent purgative, used to detoxify the whole body, while its resin is used as a disinfectant. His teaching is very direct and strong.


The Bobinzana (Callilandra angustifolia) is perhaps one of the most famous plants among those used in traditional Amazonian medicine. Her celebrity is certainly well deserved, being the Bobinzana a very strong and sweet spirit at the same time.

Bobinzana master plant
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Considered a plant that strengthens body and spirit, praised for its ability not to be uprooted even during the most violent floods due to the torrential rains of the Amazon forest, bobinzana is considered the medicinal plant par excellence. His wood is one of the hardest in the world, and his spirit and teachings reflect this solidity. Martial for some, tender and maternal for others, it certainly works on the opening of the heart and emotional states, while at a medicinal level it is prescribed for problems related to the blood and circulatory system.


The albahaca (Ocimum sp.) is a close relative of our basil, but even better than the Indian indian Tulsi, already known in the ayuervedic pharmacopoeia as a plant remedy and sacred plant.

albacha master plant
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The Albahaca diet is considered a great cure-all for the mind and energy cleansing in general. Prescribed as the first ever diet of those who start an apprenticeship, the diet and isolation to be kept with this plant do not need to be too narrow. Among the medicinal benefits we remember a healing action on the entire digestive and excretory system, as well as a soothing action of menstrual and pre-menstrual pain. On the energetic-psychic level we find an improvement in intellectual faculties, and a general relaxation both physical and emotional.

Uña de gato

The Uña de gato (Uncaria tomentosa) is a liana with imposing dimensions living in the equatorial regions of the Amazon, and owes its name to the hooks shaped like a cat’s claw with which it clings to the other plants.

albacha master plant
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A plant with a thousand properties, Uña de gato has become so famous in the Western Pharmacopoeia, that there is not a manufacturer of herbal products that does not have its preparation based on this plant. Suitable for all types of inflammation (but especially for those on themusculoskeletal system), to strengthen the immune system, to purify the blood and, according to some, also to combat cancer, the Uña di gato from an energy point of view is a extraordinary vitality belonging to the so-called “World of Warmi”, or the same to which the mermaids belong. A plant with a strong bewitching power, which gives those who diet the ability to impose their charisma and win over their interlocutors.

Chiric sanango

The Chiric sanango (Brunsfelia grandifolia) is a very powerful and very dangerous Wise plant. If not administered in adequate doses it can also cause death. Its medicinal effect is manifested in the bones.

albacha master plant
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Emotionally, Chiric sanango is known for working with the most hidden and remote traumas. Very often during a diet of Chiric sanango back to mind removed traumas or atavistic fears, one works on family and generational karma, trespassing in past lives. It is definitely a diet that cannot be addressed by a neophyte and that needs constant assistance from the shaman responsible for the diet. The restrictions must be followed with much responsibility and rigidity, his spirit is very strong and demanding.

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