Energetic cleaning

How to keep space clean inside and outside

Singing, meditating, moving, breathing, bathing in flowers, drumming, using perfumed essences…

Keeping your space clean is the most effective method of preventing unwanted states, both mental and physical. All the spiritual traditions of the world teach ways to do this…

What is an energy cleaning?

Energy is that invisible field that surrounds us and that is an indissoluble part of our body-spirit system, we can say that it is halfway between this and that.

In the energy field we accumulate all the negative influences that we receive from the outside world or that we produce internally through thought, and which in turn affect our state of mind and our physical health.

Keeping the energy space clean is a way to prevent the onset of processes that can lead to real diseases, and also a way to promote healing when the illness has already manifested.

After an energetic cleaning you feel lighter, more positive and open to life. If done regularly it is a real panacea for our health.

When is it necessary to do it?

There are practices that would be good to do consistently, such as qi gong or yoga, others that may have weekly basis, like the shamanic drum or the circle of songs, others that you can do once a month, such as cleaning the environment (homes, workplaces), or when needed.

The cleanliness of the environment, even if very undervalued, is extremely important, because the environment is the first factor of influence that we receive.


Our background

Before delving so closely into the tradition of the indigenous people of the Amazon forest we had made several experiences in various areas of spiritual research. All this has not been lost, because all over the world and in all ages every tradition has found its ways to favor the health and spiritual evolution of man.

The shamanic drum, in example, is a tool foreign to the Amazonian culture, but the connection with the ancestral shamanism of the origins has awakened strongly in us at the moment when the doors of the spirit world have opened wide.

At the same time practices such as yoga or qi gong may seem very far from the concept of shamanism, instead our experience leads us more and more to find the common matrices, rather than the differences, in every energy practice.


Our offer

Energetic cleaning of environments with the shamanic drum

The shamanic drum cleans the space excellently. Its sound is a dimensional gap that if led by an experienced hand can remove infinite obstacles.

Energy cleaning of rooms with sacred tobacco

Just in the Shipibo tradition, the use of sacred tobacco (mapacho – Nicotiana rustica) is the main means that the natives use to clean and protect the space in which they operate.

Individual energy cleaning with scents and ikaros

The agua florida is a colony based on flowers that is used for many purposes in the indigenous tradition, while the ikaro (the medical song) is the basis of all their operation.

Qi Gong, yoga and meditation

The long-lived practices handed down from Eastern wisdom are a valuable help to maintain the level of our energy and to learn to focus the mind on positive things.

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