Refine your connection

Master plants dieta is a unique opportunity to sharpen our ability to connect with spiritual realms. Plants are highly evolved spiritual beings and have a special bond with human race. We just need to remeber.

Clean up your energetic field

We must constantly keep our energetic field clean, on this depends, to a great extent, our health and wellness, as well as our luck. A lot of techniques have been passed down by different spiritual traditions: Qi Gong, Yoga, sciamanic dums and much more.

Travel to the forest

Come and meet closely the tradition that built this wonderful knowledge. The Shipibo indigenous people of the peruvian amazon rainforest hare always happy to greet people and pass down their knowledge. We can help you realize your dream.

Reconnect to the source.

Restore the link with Nature mean bring backoverall balance and health: physically, spiritually and mentally

Through our personal journey and healing path we have learned the old techniques of the Amazon indigenous people, great master of thespiritual worldsecrets.

Da qui è nato Sama Rao, our personal offer to share with the world the knowledge we learned.

With Master Plants Dieta you can:

Heal your body

Purify your thoughts

Protect your energy

Align your spirit

Master Plants Dieta

The main practice we offer in this journey is the Master Plants Dieta, as exposed by the peruvian Amazon indigenous people tradition.


Qi Gong, Yoga, Mindfulnes

Great arts of longevity, founded in the ancient east, in our opinion are a great example between the practices intended to restore balance.

Healing songs and shamanic drum.

Vibration is the essence of any energetic work. The whole world is vibrating. Healing singing and shamanic drum are healing, cleaning and protecting tools.

Journeys to the forest.

Going to know, directly from the source, all those traditions that discovered and nurtured the practice of master plants dieta: “the vegetalism”.
master plants dieta

Master plants dieta mini-retreat calendar

Come and discover the master plants dieta.

Those five days retreats are designed to get in touch with this practice, guided by skilled hands, hands of people who choose this tradition as a way of life.

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What is Sama Rao?
To whom it is addressed?
What’s it for?

Sama Rao is an holistic approach to health and wellness, it points to restore the connection between the human beeing and Nature. This connection is crucial in the path to healing, going through all the levels, like a watherfall, from spirit to soul and from soul to the body.

The vegetable pharmacy
from the dawn of time human beings have found in the vegetal realm a strong ally, to preserve health and wellness. Still today most of the drugs we use proceed from vegetal raw material.
Self care with plants spirit.

In the indigenous vision, however, not only the active substance of the plant that heals, but its spirit.

Master Plants Dieta

For this reason in the Teacher plants dieta the remedy is intake in very low quantity, sometimes even not by ingestion, just to establish the connection with the plant.

"Keeping" the diet
Then a particular diet is maintained, which concerns not only nutrition but also other aspects of daily life.
Privileged access to the spiritual world.
This facilitates the coming into contact with the Spirit of the plant that is dieting and therefore the reception .  of the teachings necessary for our healing.

Something about us.

Our main training has been in the peruvian Amazon indigenous tradition. We have been living among the Shipibo for several years, to learn deeply this art, and using it first of all on ourselves. Master plants dieta has set us free from mental and physical ailments, allowing us to connect with our true essence. From this experience it came the call to offer to the world what we have learned.

About us

«With Eduard and Simona I have felt home immediately, I trusted them and my feeligns and I have never regret.»

«The diet has been the most powerfull experience I have ever done, I never felt so deep and clear connect before.»

«The experience in Perù has been deep and true. I feel more and more the connection with Master Plants.»

Our offer

Master Plants Dieta

Through dieting you can contact the plant’s spirit and than, from this point, get in touch with all the spiritual realms above.

qi gong

Energetic cleaning

Keep the body healthy, rise the frequency, protect the space, focus the mind.

iquitos airport

jouneys in the forest

Go to the source of indigenous knowledge, as for as the master plants dieta is concerned.

 Trust yourself.
Trust life.
Trust plants.
Start the journey.

We work with some tool, adaptable according to the needs of every group: qi gong, medicine songs, sciamanic drum, circular breathing, mindfullness, sacred books reading: everything is a preliminary step to the dieta, which is the most important tool we use.

Master plants dieta requires discipline and commitment, for this reason people who approach Sama Rao for teh first time will not be allowed to face it: it belongs to a further step and will be offered when the person will be ready.


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