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Discovering the Shipibo tradition and the diet of Master Plants

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From fourteen to twentyeight days; from 6 to 12 amazonic medicine ceremonies, lead by and expert Shipibo master; full immersion in the primary forest; essential life, in contact with nature: a journey to heal deeply, find oneself, let go old patterns and open up to fresh ones.
Covid vaccination is not needed

This is a journey worth counting down...








We are really happy to offer you this journey to the Amazon forest (Pucallpa), to work deeply in contact with the Shipibo indigenous masters. We will live from fourteen to twentyeight daysin complete spiritual isolation inside the unpkugged nature of peruvian jungle, letting go all the conforts and all the distractions that prevent us to be fully in contact with ourselfves. This is the ideal setting both for making a diet of Master Plants, and for experiencing the ceremonies of Oni Kahua, the sacred drink of the shipibo people, which in Peru is considered a national cultural heritage.

The retreat were we will stay it’s far from the commercial logics that often, nowadays, surround the experience with indigenous medicine throughout South America: with this trip we wanted to offer as much as possible an authentic experience of true indigenous tradition. The curandero with whom we will work is definitely oriented to not sell off his tradition to adapt to the whimsical demands of Westerners and, while striving to make its center as comfortable as possible, his way of working with master plants has not undergone excessive contamination due to modernity.


the maloca in the center

To reserve your spot

Spots are limited, no more than 10 persons are allowed. To book you spot you can fill the form belove, pay a deposit of 25€ (that will be considered in the balance) and sign the fact sheetthat wil be provided to you by email.
If within tenday you will change your mind you will be refunded you 25 euros but, after ten days, the deposit will be witheld to helo with the costs of organization. To ensure your participation than you will have to pay an advance of 500 € within may the 4th 2023, while the balance will be payd directly when arrived in the center.

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You can choose from 3 tyoes of stay: fifteen, tewntone or twentyeight days. For those who want to stay longer it is necessary to agree in private.

N.B. you can agree different dates, previous or subsequent to those indicated here, please contact us to ask more info

What makes this trip unique:

One/two facilitators » with 20 years of work with indigenous medicine, 10 years of practice with Shipibo, experts in yoga and meditation.

travel to Amazon rain forest

A Shipibo shaman, a fine connoisseur of indigenous medicine and  Master Plants, with over 25 years of experience as a curandero.

A group of up to 10 people to ensure true personalized attention, with strong processes that can arise.

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How to participate
Subscriptions are open until May the 10th 2023. To enter Peru at the moment is not necessary anticovid vaccination. In any case, during the trip we will comply with the rules in force in the country that hosts us. To ensure the compatibility of the personal history of each, with the practices that we will carry out during your stay, you will need to make a prior telephone interview. After the payment of the deposit you will be contacted to schedule the interview. If the interview is not positive on our part, the deposit will be fully refunded.
Withdrawal policy

for cancellations received within june the 4th 2023 you will be refunded 75% of the advace
for cancellations received within july the 4th 2023 you will be refunded 50% of the advace
for cancellations received within august the 4th 2023 you will be refunded 25% of the advace
for cancellations received after august the 4th 2023 you will be not refunded but if we find a person to substitute you.


Payment method
The first deposit of 25 € and the subsequent deposit of 500 € can be paid through the platforms Splitted oPaypal, while the balance of the trip must be paid once arrived on site, can be paid in cash or through Western Union, directly to the curandero.
Cos'è incluso nella quota?
The price includes food and accommodation for the time of stay, the diet of Master Plants, the ceremonies of Amazonian medicine, the flower baths, talks with the curandero and facilitators, yoga/qi gong classes and individual assistance in support of the path. It also includes all the extra services that the curandero or facilitators may consider appropriate for the healing of the person (such as steam baths, massages etc.)
What is excluded from the quota?
From the fee are excluded air tickets to and from the destination where you will make the stay. Also excluded are all activities extra than the agreed program, so visits or landscape excursions, overnight stays in facilities other than the center, food consumed outside the center, treatments with other medicines such as kambo etc. and anything not explicitly included in the program.
How we reach the center?
Travel is on top of the customer but we will give plain support to advice the better strategy. We will stay in a center which is 2 hours by boat from the city of Pucallpa, which you can easely reach by an internal flight from Lima, where you can land by international flight. Usually the say you arrive in Perù we make a rest in the city of Pucallpa , than the day after we go all togheter to the center. We will suggest also where to sleep the first night in Pucallapa, but if you have your preference you can do by yourself. 
What is the program of your stay?
Usually you arrive for lunch on the first day and you leave after the breakfast of the last day indicated in the calendar. We will start the diet the day we arrive in the center, with the firs ceremony, and the we will have a program of one day ceremony, one day rest, ad saturday/sunday free. The day after the ceremony we will have integration circles in the morning before lunch. Qi gong and/or yoga classes are held on days when there is no ceremony. The rest of the time is free and dedicated to introspection as required by diet practice.
What is a Master Plants dieta?
The diet of Master Plants is a practice of care and apprenticeship developed by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, through which you come into contact with the spirit of plants, to receive from them care and teachings During the period of diet we observe a restricted diet and a voluntary social isolation, to allow the plant’s voice to be more clearly recognizable within us. Diet can be a very deep tool of healing and personal evolution, to learn more go here: diet of master plants
What is Oni Kahua?
Oni Kahua is a decoction made from two plants native to the Amazon rainforest, used by indigenous peoples in a ritual way for healing and divination purposes. Drinking Oni Kahua provides an amplification of consciousness that allows people to navigate the realms of spirit: these inner journeys can lead to the release of strong emotions and the understanding of deep personal issues. If you have never experienced Oni Kahua, we will evaluate your participation during the phone interview, as there are contraindications to consider.

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N.B. the costs of the trip are totally to cover the requests of the curandero, there is no gain from the organizers. The only request we make is to cover with advances the expenses of our trips to reach the destination. This means that the larger the group, the smaller the quotas.