Next date: july from 5th to 9th 2023

Five days to learn or deepen this millennial practice, that allows you to get in touch with the spirit of plants and their healing essence.

Come and discover it

Five days to get in touch with the master plants, at the end of which you can decide whether to continue or close the diet.

Five days in which we will be guests in a cozy country house, the newborn Sama Rao Center, on the wooded hills of the Taro valley, in the shade of centuries-old oaks, pampered by the owners of the house.

Five days in which we will alternate moments of silence and introspection to energetic cleaning, accompanied by the cleaning of the mapacho (the sacred tobacco), the icaros and the sound of the drum.


day 1: evening introductory seminar

day 2: we get to know each other and choose the plant to diet

day 3: energetic balance practices

day 4: night ceremony with shamanic drums*

day 5: sharing circle and diet closing*


Individual counselling

During all the time everyone will have the opportunity to conduct private interviews, to clarify their doubts and receive personalized support.


Although the location will not allow us to experience real isolation, during the day we will all be encouraged to spend time alone.

Energetic purification

Through the shamanic drum ceremony, the singing of the icaros, the ritual use of mapacho (sacred tobacco) and agua florida, we will favor a deep energetic cleansing.

Singing circles

We will learn how to connect with the spirit of the plants, also through the medicine songs circles, a joyful occasion to demonstrate our gratitude to the plant kingdom.

What to expect?

Five days is not enough time to be able to say that you have completed a diet, but it is enough to establish a first connection with the plant and to make a decent cleaning of our energy system.

This mini-retreat is designed for those who want to approach this practice but do not know if they can commit for as long as necessary. By the end of the five days you can decide whether to continue or not.

How long does a dieta last?

An optimal minimum period, for the plant to carry out its work, is fifteen days. The five days of the retreat are like a springboard, but even just five days can help to center yourself and throw a seed for the future.

Why a 5 days retreat?

Aware of the limitations imposed by our social environment, but eager to offer as many people as possible this opportunity, a three-day standard weekend was really too little, and a week could be too much. Five days seemed an ideal time.

Which plant will we diet?

The plant to eat is different for everyone. During the first day we will deepen the acquaintance with each participant thus intuiting the best plant for him. We can offer Piñon (colorado or blanco), Bobinzana, Chiric sanango, Wayra caspi, Albahaca, Uña de gato and many more…

Can I eat a plant of my choice?

If you are already in the practice and want to participate as an opportunity to open a personalized diet, with a plant chosen by you, write us and we will understand together if it is possible.

What will we eat during the retreat?

From the moment we take the plant we will not eat salt, sugar, spices, alcohol, red meat, dairy products and various seasonings Our diet will be mainly based on rice, chicken, eggs, green apples, bananas, oat milk. It is possible to adapt the menu for vegetarians and vegans.

Individual consulting

The diet process is very delicate and individual. Although much depends on the sensitivity of each person, it is likely that immediately the person is experiencing very strong and new inner processes.
This is why it is extremely important to always have someone to share with and know.

interpretare e indirizzare correttamente il “dietero”. Durante i cinque giorni del ritiro nei momenti di pausa in cui non ci sono attività comuni, sarà possibile avere consulenze personalizzate. Sarà possibile lavorare con il Voicing o con gli strumenti sciamanici, a seconda della nostra inclinazione personale.


Siberian shamanic drum

Eduard learned the art of the shamanic drum by spontaneously connecting with the tradition of his homeland, when the spirit worlds opened.
The sound of his drum is powerful and care, cleans and directs the diet.

The collective ceremony of shamanic drum is the highlight of the experience of the mini-retreat, during which the sound of the drum and the song of the icaros “activate” the medicine of the plant that we are dieting and promote the introspective processes.

Mapacho and agua florida

Among the favorite tools of Amazonian shamans is the mapacho (Nicotiana rustica), a particular type of tobacco that is used for ritual and healing purposes.

During our diet we will use tobacco to communicate with the spirit of the plant and present the diet, as well as to clean it and to direct its processes.

pipa sha-simo

Cerchio di canto di chiusura del mini-ritiro di dieta di Pasqua 2023. Grazie a tutti i dieteros per la bellissima energia e partecipazione!

Medicine songs e Voicing

Singing is good for the soul, and singing to the plants is good for the diet.
In the Shipibo tradition many operative acts of care and magic happen with singing.

Learning the art of enchanting one’s world is one of the gifts that very often makes the diet. We will open the voice singing together the songs of the contemporary shamanic tradition.

Qi Gong

Since ancient times in the East, energy cleaning techniques have been developed that skilfully combined physical exercise and breathing.

Among these we chose to bring Qi Gong in our path because it is the most complete and harmonious, and it is also the least problematic from the point of view of physical effort.

Ask for more info

The diet of master plants is a new practice in the panorama of holistic care methods and approaches to personal evolution. For this reason we ask you not to hesitate to ask us to clarify any doubts you have come up with, so as to check together if it can be an experience for you.
You can also read more about diet in general by clicking the button below.

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